Norwood Swim School

Senior Squads

Senior Squads - Hill, National and High Performance

Squad Overview

Senior Squads are for swimmers who have shown an ability and passion to compete at a state level and aspire to compete at national or international competitions.

Our Squads have access to the best professionals both in and out of the pool. This includes physiotherapy, nutrition, strength and conditioning sessions and sports science.

HILL SQUAD: All Hill Squad swimmers are expected to be members of the Norwood Swimming Club. It is an expectation for all Hill Squad swimmers to actively compete and to aspire to national age level. We view participation in swimming club activities as an integral part of training as a Hill Squad swimmer.

NATIONAL SQUAD:  For swimmers who aspire to national competition.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SQUAD: For swimmers who aspire to international competition.

Each swimmer in the Senior Squads must be a registered Norwood Swimming Club member.

Learning Aims

  • Exceptional performance at the highest level
  • Qualification for the Elite Pathways Scholarship