Norwood Swim School

First Day Hints and Tips

First Day Hints and Tips

We recommend bringing two towels: one for yourself and one for your baby. Waterproof nappies are a must and come in various sizes which can be purchased at the Swimmers Sports Shop. Appropriate dry clothing for after the lesson, remember warm clothes in winter! And some food, swimming makes babies hungry so be prepared with a snack for immediately after the lesson.

And don't forget your very important nappy bag.



All children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years must wear a firm fitting swimming nappy. Disposable swimming nappies are available from most supermarkets.  We also have a selection of disposable and reusable swimming nappies available at the Swimmers Sports Shop.

For young babies, we recommend you schedule the lesson at least one hour after a main feed and before nap time.

Most babies enjoy their aquatic experience.  A baby usually only cries during the lesson if they are unsure of what they need to do, are tired, hungry or are not enjoying themselves.

Should your baby cry during a lesson, move away from the immediate vicinity of the class BUT still remain in the water. Stay calm and try to reassure your baby that everything is alright. Play with some toys or sing a song and when they have settled, re-join the class.

Sometimes you may only do a portion of the lesson but over time your child will be happy to participate more and more.
Remember, let them progress at their own pace.  Your ability to remain calm throughout this experience will go a long way in allowing their confidence to grow.

We have a huge range of goggles for infants at the Swimmers Sports Shop.

Our friendly Customer Service Team can assist you with sizing and styles.

Practice wearing your new goggles in the bath or shower - they are great for keeping the soap out of little ones eyes at bath time.  The earlier they get use to using them, the better!

Although at 2.5 years your child is eligible to swim in our Turtle class, it isn’t necessary that they move right away. They will continue to progress in the Octopus class with you while they build their water confidence. When you feel they are ready to transition to the Turtle class, you can get in the water with them for the first few lessons, which will make the transition easier.

Be supportive and reassuring to your child before class, but avoid “over-preparing”, as a child can become anxious if an event is discussed repeatedly. Arrive early enough to get ready for lessons at a relaxed pace we recommend 10-15mins before your lesson. Remain within view, but observe the class from one of our many viewing areas. Watch the lesson closely and make eye contact with your child. Praise specific efforts that your child has made. Be ready with a warm towel and a big hug at the conclusion of their lesson.

Don’t let the learning stop when you get home. Practice the Aquababies techniques you learn in your class at home in the bath.