Norwood Swim School




For over 50 years Norwood Swim School has continued to be the leader in aquatic education. Our reputation for quality, consistency and innovation has seen achievement even at Olympic level.

Our Centre

  • 1 x 25 m indoor pool, heated to 31.50C, all year round.
  • We are an accredited Watch Around Water facility which adhere's to the following guidelines: Children under 5 years old: must be accompanied and supervised from within arms reach. If they are in the pool, their parent/guardian should also be swimming with them.
  • Swim, Stay & Play is our philosophy so you can relax in our Play Cafe while the children enjoy our indoor playground each week after their class.
  • Our Swimmers Sports Shop can provide you with all your swimming needs  including, bathers, goggles, caps and much more!

Our Team

Our competent team of instructors are Active Training/AUSTSWIM qualified with current CPR Certification.

Our team of supervisors and customer service officers are certified in Senior First Aid and in Aquatic Emergency Procedures.

All of our staff in the centre have to obtain a police clearance before being employed by us.


Yes, our pool is indoors and heated to 31.50C all year round.


 At  Norwood Swim School we start Aquababies at 6 months old.


The importance of learning to swim at a young age cannot be disputed. With accidental drowning being the leading cause of death in under fives, it makes good sense for all children to develop water safety skills from a very early age.

According to a recent study by Griffith University; “It appears that there are advantages for young children who participate in early-years swimming. There is clearly the water safety focus and the physical benefits for participating in any activity, but this research suggests that there are many areas of positive difference between swimming children and the normal population. Many of these differences will be of advantage to children as they transition into school or preschool settings. They have developed many of the skills needed for school –academic, social and personal.”

According to Swimming Australia;
Good Reasons for Teaching Babies to Swim

  1. Babies less than a year old accept the water more readily than older children.
  2. Fear of water is acquired as children grow older: the longer a child is kept away from water, the more likely the child will develop aquaphobia.
  3. Babies can exercise more muscles in the water, they are less restricted by gravity and their ability to sit or stand. This increased strength often manifests itself in early acquisition of physical skills like walking.
  4. Swimming improves babies cardiovascular fitness. Although babies are limited in how much they can improve their endurance, swimming does have a beneficial effect.
  5. Early mastery of water movements gives children a head start in learning basic swimming skills.
  6. Water helps improve co-ordination and balance by forcing babies to move bilaterally to maintain their equilibrium.
  7. Warm water combined with gentle exercise relaxes and stimulates babies appetites. They usually eat and sleep better on swimming days.
  8. Doctors often recommend swimming as the exercise of choice for asthmatics. For many asthmatics, exercise produces bronchial hyperactivity. Swimming stimulates less wheezing than other forms of exercise, possibly because the warm, moist air around pools is less irritating to the lungs.
  9. Babies flourish in the focused attention their parents lavish on them during swimming.
  10. As babies learn how to maneuver in the water on their own their independence and self-confidence blossom.
  11. Swimming provides babies with lots of skin-to-skin contact with their parents that psychologists say may deepen the bond between parent and child.
  12. Learning to swim is not only fun, healthy activity but a safety measure as well. (Drowning is the major cause of accidental death in Australia for under 5s. For each drowning, many more are left with permanent brain damage. Learn to swim ... its great!)

Written by Kochen, C.L. Ph.D and McCabe, J. B.A.; The Baby Swim Book, Leisure Press, 1986

We believe that every child should be taught to swim in a safe and friendly environment. Swimming skills, particularly among children, are fundamental to every individual’s safety and overall motor skill development.


We have Learn to Swim lessons available morning and afternoon, 7 days a week.

To be able to make a booking we firstly need to determine which level your child will be in.

We recommend to find the right class to meet your child's abilities; book them in for a FREE swimming assessment. Aquababies, toddlers and beginner swimmers will not require a swimming assessment.

To discuss booking your child into an assessment please contact us on 8332 1136 or email


Our Learn to Swim Lessons vary in length.

Aquababies, Early Learning and Stroke development lessons run for 30 minutes per session.

Advanced Stroke Development lessons run for 45 minutes per session .

Our Squad Program Sessions vary in length from 1 to 2 hours depending on the squad level .

Children’s learning abilities develop at different rates and often do not make equal and constant progress at every lesson, even with the best of instruction.  The Norwood Swim School learning pathway caters for all learning abilities. Consistent attendance is a big help in swimmers aquiring new skills.


Your child’s progress is closely monitored by their instructors and pool deck supervisors. All achievements are acknowledged by our fun and rewarding certificate system.  Our supervisors will submit a progress report to you every 4-5 weeks for those in the shallow end classes and every 8 weeks for those in the deep end level classes.  The reporting process is done through a software program called Swim Desk.  You will receive your log in information when your child receives their first assessment.

Your child will also be given a small card to indicate an important skill has been achieved; please hand this to our customer service team who will write up a vibrant and colourful certificate for your child to keep and track their progress.

When your child is ready to be promoted to the next level, the pool deck supervisor will inform you of the progress and will discuss booking options with you.

Missed lessons can be taken as a make up lesson on a different day or time to your regular class. To book a make up lesson you need to be financial for the month. Make up lessons can not be taken in lieu of payment. Make up lessons may be booked up to 2 weeks in advance and have a 4 month expiry.

We ask that you advise us of any unplanned absences by contacting the swim school either by phone 8332 1136 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 



 We recommend that when you contact us to cancel your booking that you try and book a make up lesson straight away.  If a suitable day and time cannot be booked, try contacting us again closer to the date you want to book to see if a vacancy has become available.


Refunds are available in such circumstances at the discretion of the Operations Manager and are treated on a case by case basis.


Fees are due within the first 7 days of each new month.  Our preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit, you can download your authorisation form below:  Alternatively can pay by cash, credit, EFTPOS or cheque at the swim school.  Payments may also be made over the phone or by Electronic Funds Transfer.

Please be aware that if we have had no contact from you for 2 weeks and your monthly fee has not been paid, we will presume that you no longer require lessons and we will cancel the booking.


Our programs run as normal during the school holidays. There are two options for if you are away during this period. You can pay your fees as normal and do make up lessons. Or you can cancel your booking and re-book when you return. This does not guarantee the same spot when you return. Please see our Customer Service Team for further information. 


As with any skill, by not practicing in winter it can be detrimental to both the skills we are trying to teach in the younger levels and also to the swimmers' fitness in the older levels. It is important that swimmers do not lose these vital skills simply due to the climate. Swimming throughout winter ensures they are ready for the more active swimming season in summer.

We maintain warm air and water temperature all year round, however it is important to make sure that your child has clean dry clothes to change into after their lesson so that they never walk out wet into the cold weather.


Swimmers require bathers, towel, googles and also dry clothes to change into after ther session.

For Aquababies and Early Learning swimmers please see First Lesson Hints and Tips, to make your first lesson a happy one.

All your swimming needs can be found at our Swimmers Sport Shop including swim nappies which are required for all children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.   



Swimwear is probably the most personal choice a child gets in swimming. Our Swimmers Sport Shop has a wide variety of styles and colours. We stock a large range of swimwear that are chlorine resistant which last much longer than the usual lyrca material. They are a little more expensive, but will last up to three times as long as a pair of lycra bathers.

We recommend rinsing bathers in cool water immediately after use and hanging out to dry as soon as possible out of direct sunlight.  

Goggles encourage young swimmers to put their face in the water, this in turn will help to speed up the learn to swim process. Goggles also assist good body position and reduce eye irrtation.  Goggles can be introduced in the Aquababies and Early Learning Program.

We recommend getting your child to practice wearing their new goggles in the bath and shower – great for keeping the soap out of little ones eyes when washing their hair and the earlier you get them used to wearing them the better!

At the Swimmers Sports Shop we have a huge range of goggles for infants through to high performance swimmers. Our friendly customer service team can help you with sizing and styles.